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Computer Monitor Calibration Software

Before and After Computer Monitor Calibration

For photographers and home users who want standardized color
performance across their computer monitors and workstations.


Of the thousands of computer monitors manufactured each year, no two monitors perform the same. Each computer monitor has unique output characteristics, especially when it comes to displaying color. 

Because these inconsistencies are further impacted by individual lighting and environmental conditions, the only way to guarantee the color accuracy of a computer monitor is to calibrate it. 

While professional services exist to assist customers with display calibration, CalMAN RGB now makes it easy to do yourself.

 Before and After Calibration results

-Looking sunburned?-

Calibrating your computer monitor will greatly improve the appearance of skin tones, which often appear reddish and over saturated on uncalibrated monitors.

-Noticing Details-

Take a closer look at the two before-and-after photos above. Note the waves hitting the beach, the clouds in the sky, the ice cream held by the smiling couple. In both photos, the "before" versions have lost details in bright whites, a common occurrence when monitors are uncalibrated.




-Training Your Eye-

Of the two photos on the left, which looks better? Most people, at first glance, would select the photo on the right, attracted to the vivid greens and blues in the foliage and water.

But if you take a closer look, you'll notice that detail has been lost in the right-hand photo, especially in the brush where the wood posts are hardly discernible, and in the sky, where the clouds are too bright make out.

When you shop for a new computer monitor, the image on the right is what you'll find. The vivid colors are attractive to passing shoppers, and chances are, when making a purchase, you'll go for the brighter picture.

This 'vivid color' look will also be characteristic of any monitor that comes to you by mail, as the majority of consumers judge a monitor's quality by the vividness of its colors.

Display calibration is not about bright whites and vivid colors - it's about accuracy.


CalMAN RGB is the most advanced software on the market for computer monitor calibrations. It's faster, more accurate, and more customizable than any other monitor calibration solution, and has a number of calibration processes involved that ensure accurate results. 

Listed below you'll find all the features of CalMAN RGB that make it unique.

-Key Features-

  • Compare pre and post calibration measurements.
  • Choose from a wide selection of standard and custom settings.
  • Calibrate with the click of a button or use a multi-step workflow.
  • Set up multiple calibration profiles for each monitor.


-Included Workflows-

  • Introduction: contains a software tutorial that explains the basics of using CalMAN RGB and includes a full overview of the software's layout and navigational features.
  • Standard Calibration: provides a complete and automated calibration for single or multiple monitor workstations.
  • Advanced Calibration: allows users to customize local or networked monitor calibrations. Includes advanced controls for setting brightness, color temperature, backlight and white balance. Also allows flexibility in setting custom calibration targets for colorspace and gamma. 

-Calibration Processes-

  • Pre and Post Capture: measures display performance against selected standards before and after calibration.
  • 1D LUT Calibration: generates and stores a 1D look-up-table with correction data specific to a computer monitor's unique performance characteristics.
  • ICC Profile Calibration: creates and stores an ICC profile, applied to the monitor's color performance in applications where ICC profiles are used.
  • Visual Verification: displays pre and post calibration captures alongside target values so user can verify the results of the calibration.

-Available Colorspace Targets-

  • sRGB
  • Adobe RGB
  • L*
  • Rec.709
  • Rec.2020
  • Black and White

-Available Gamma Formulas-

  • sRGB
  • Power
  • L*
  • ITU/EBU Camera
  • BT.1886
  • Custom

-Available Luminance Levels-

  • Video (16-235)
  • PC (0-255)

-System Requirements-

Requirements for Windows: Microsoft Windows Vista SP3 with latest updates installed (recommended Windows 7 SP1 or higher), 2 GHz processor (recommended: 2 GHz dual core processor), 2 GB RAM (recommended 4 GB RAM), 2 GB available disk space.

Requirements for Macintosh running VMware Fusion with Windows installed: Macintosh Mac OS X 10.8 or higher with latest updates installed, Intel Core Duo processor, 2 GB RAM (recommended 4 GB RAM), 2 GB available disk space, VMware Fusion, Microsoft Windows Vista SP3 with latest updates installed (recommended: Windows 7 SP1 or higher).


Read a full CalMAN RGB review and walkthrough at Tom's Hardware.

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How to Buy

CalMAN RGB Authorized Resellers

-United States-

Adorama New York City P: 800-223-2500 W: Buy CalMAN RGB from Reseller

AValive Multiple Locations P: 866-937-7628 W: Buy CalMAN RGB from Reseller

B&H Photo New York City P: 800-894-9703


Buy CalMAN RGB from Reseller

Motion Media Santa Monica, CA P: 310-450-4000


Buy CalMAN RGB from Reseller

Omega Broadcast Austin, TX P: (512) 251-7778


Buy CalMAN RGB from Reseller

Safe Harbor Computers Milwaukee, WI P: 800-544-6599


Buy CalMAN RGB from Reseller

Or, buy direct from SpectraCal, here.    

Hardware Options

CalMAN RGB is available bundled with the SpectraCal C3 and SpectraCal C6 colorimeters, or as a software only package.

About the SpectraCal C3 Colorimeter: The SpectraCal C3 Colorimeter provides highly accurate readings of flat panel displays (LCD CCFL, white LED and plasma only). A perfect solution for the budget conscious, the SpectraCal C3 is not only fast, accurate and compact, but affordable as well.

About the SpectraCal C6 Colorimeter: The SpectraCal C6 Colorimeter is an exceptionally accurate meter, designed specifically for use with CalMAN software. Because the SpectraCal C6 is capable of interfacing with CalMAN, it is field upgradeable. In other words, as calibration tables for new display technologies (such as OLED and wide gamut) become available, the SpectraCal C6 does not need to be sent in to the manufacturer to have these new tables added. The SpectraCal C6 is the only meter in the world capable of updating via software in this way, and therefore is capable of supporting every display technology on the market.

About CalMAN RGB (Software Only): Versions of CalMAN RGB purchased without a meter can be used with the following light measurement devices:

  • SpectraCal C3
  • SpectraCal C6
  • X-Rite i1Display Pro
  • X-Rite i1Pro
  • X-Rite i1Pro 2